Friday, April 04, 2008

Let The People Pray

Please join me in praying for the people of Zimbabwe. Not for some nameless mass of humanity, but for my friends. My loved ones. For Washington, Alice, Keith, Bryan, Si, Kennedy, Godwin, Kuda, Peter, Dorcas, Penelope, Tendai, Emilee, Witness, Chipo, Chris, Pauline, Philip, Assan, Richard, Campion, Freddie, Joyce, and many others.

I've been closely following whatever news manages to trickle out of Zimbabwe prior to and since the presidential elections last Saturday, March 29. Mugabe, who twenty-eight years ago led a revolution and has remained in power with an ever-tightening, slowly-crushing grip, seems to have encountered an upset.

However, forbidding most foreign journalists (arresting some yesterday), delaying election results for nearly a week, and sending paramilitary to ransack opposition headquarters gives evidence to the rumors that Mugabe is once again up to his dirty tricks, trying to stay in power by whatever means he thinks will work. He's used violence and intimidation many times before.

That inflation is at 100,000 percent, unemployment is officially at 80 percent (much higher by more realistic estimates), life expectancy has dropped to 35 years, people are starving, nearly a third of the population has fled, and hope has nearly faded, he's convinced he's been good for the country. Or maybe being good for the country is the least of his goals.,2933,346068,00.html