Thursday, June 26, 2008

Call to Prayer


It's been nearly three months since I've posted--not because life has been dull, but because it has been very full, blessed, and trying all at once.

There is time to write on other matters later, but now I'm coming with two very special requests.

Please pray for my father who suffers a rare cancer and faces surgery next Tuesday, July 1. The procedure is complicated and my father is in a weakened condition. Simultaneously, we've learned that my mother suffers from advanced Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. She knows my father, but is often confused about the rest of us.

My siblings and I are spread across the USA and Europe, but we are taking turns going home to help care for them during these crises. It is a joy and a privilege to serve our parents in this way, though heartbreaking all the same.

I also ask that you please join me in signing a petition to the leaders of several southern African countries to intervene in the travesty taking place in Zimbabwe. You may sign online at

Most of you know that I have personally traveled to Zimbabwe twice in the past two years to witness first-hand the suffering of men, women, and children under the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. In recent weeks, a number of my Zimbabwean friends have confirmed the fear, danger, and turmoil that they live with daily as reported in the news coming out of their land. They are hungry, without medical resources, intimidated, harassed, and oppressed.

If you are unfamiliar with the situation in Zimbabwe, you will find good coverage at Check out this particular story:

Please consider signing the petition. It only takes a moment.

And thank you in advance for your prayers.

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