Saturday, August 26, 2006

On This Journey

Like everyone else, in a sense I'm on many journeys. Twenty-three years of marriage to an incredible husband who never lets it get boring. Nineteen years as a mom; I tear up with overpowering love and a strange mix of pride and humility just thinking about my three kids. A lifetime of writing and learning. Five years facing the reality that I'm getting older. I'm even heading off on another literal journey in two weeks--traveling to Zimbabwe to visit feeding centers and churches in order to chronicle the "testimony of the children's suffering," as Alvaro Dos Santos puts it.

But as for everyone else, it's really just one journey: Life.

I love this journey I'm on. I love that it's all wrapped up in knowing Christ. I love that despite the times of pain, heartbreak, sacrifice, disillusionment, faltering, and frustration, God is enough. A million times more than enough.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. I'm glad we're on this journey together.


Anonymous said...

Caron, Thanks for sharing your journey. Speaking from my experience with Africa, it will be life changing in many ways. I so look forward to hearing about your daily walk as God's servant. He will find much for you to do and the rewards will be amazing! Love you for who you are and what you mean to the Kingdom. Sincerely, Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend, How wonderful that I will be able to share your journey to Africa as you are experiencing it and not have to wait until you return to hear about it. Also, how wonderful that you will give a voice to the children through your writing. The pictures that Justin took while there are still fresh in my head and heart. Now I will not only have those visual images and what others have told us, but your writing to give a deeper dimension to what I know. I will keep you and the others close in prayer. Love you, Becky