Saturday, August 26, 2006

Zimbabwe Minus 14

Fourteen days until I fly to Houston, then DC, then Johannesburg via Dakar, then Harare. Many friends and family members have asked to be kept in touch with my progress toward the trip, so I thought a blog might be just the thing. And I hope to have occassional Internet access while traveling so that I can post updates.

So, here's the latest: I leave September 10th and return September 29th. Praise God I'm flying the international portion not only on the same flight as my companions, Paula and Lynn, but seated in front of them. I have my airline tickets, immunizations, a bag of travel goodies from my prayer sisters Carla and Jobie, a converter, and a few thrift shop finds I can wear and leave in Zimbabwe. I also have antimalarial medicine on my bathroom countertop, a suitcase full of World Bible School materials, a promise from my SW brother Doyle Corder to fill an MP3 player with "perfect songs" at my request, four new notebooks for writing, and a very understanding husband.

Bob has been terrific about my recent scattered thought patterns. Getting ready for a trip like this is a challenge; getting ready to leave your "post" for three weeks will threaten to send you to the edge and back. You moms know what I'm talking about.

Once in Africa, the Leveretts and I will be traveling with Washington and Alice, a Zimbabwean Christian couple who will drive and translate for us. We'll spend a couple of nights in the capital city of Harare, where W & A live, then head off to visit churches and feeding centers near Wedza and Mutare. During part of our time, we will be staying at game lodges because they are safer than other accomodations might be. We will also stay in the home of brother Campion. Adjustments have been made to the schedule to allow me to visit some of the feeding centers Alvaro Dos Santos operates, though, of course, Alvaro is in the USA at present. Honestly, I'm in a fog about most of our itinerary--the people and places are so unfamiliar that I am entrusting everything to the Lord and praising him that Alice, Paula, and Campion have things taken care of.

We're not quite sure what conditions to expect. I've emailed before about the state of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Fuel, electricity, etc., are hard to come by. We understand candles are in order a number of hours each day. The weather should be moderate this time of year--Zimbabwe is just coming out of winter.

About two weeks into the trip, we will fly to Cape Town, South Africa where we will spend 5 days visiting with missionaries and with Roger and Martha Dickson of International Christian Press. Then home.

I solicit your prayers; I know many of you have been praying already. Some of you have contributed generously to this trip, and I am humbled. In whatever way you are joining me on this journey, I thank you and praise God for you.


Melanie Morales said...

I'm here with you, Caron. I'm so excited to see that you will be able to keep us posted on this journey of yours. We all have our journeys that take us different places - but all for the same reason - Christ our Risen Lord. And it's so exciting to see what He does in each journey.

Elaine Castilho said...

Dear Caron,
Here, South of the Equator, I know what you mean by not knowing what to expect and hoping someone else does! I'll pray for you every day!
I love you and your family. Please set a day aside so we can talk about everything, laugh and cry together!
See you in January...
Much love,
Elaine Castilho

Steve Lyautey said...

This is so exciting and I will be looking forward to your posts to the site. God Bless you and Lynn and Paula. I am sure that God is going to use the three of you mightily to encourarage the Brothers and Sisters in Africa. Be safe.

Steve Lyautey

Saloomeh said...

Thank you for keeping us posted on this journey. I'll pray for you every day! I will be looking forward to your posting to the site. I am sure that God is going to use you to give confidence and encouragement to the brothers and sisters in Africa. Please be safe.

God Bless you

TDSmith said...

Wow! What an amazing adventure! God bless you as you take this journey and experience all that God will teach you as you visit His people and His creation in Africa. We will be praying dilingently for your safety and pure joy of the experience. We will also be praying for Bob in your absence. Hope to see you soon either here at Harding or in Amarillo.

Connie Monsees said...

Thank you for taking us with you! I will anticipate your new entries. Oh, what will you see of God? His heart? His hand? I am praying for you! May you only be filled with the peace of obedience and the excitement of being in His will!
Love you!

Michelle Mitchell said...

Dear Caron,
It has been such a blessing to visit with you. I confess I am envious of you that you are blessed with this opportunity.
Travel safely, carpe diem, and good writing. God be with you and your companions.
In His unending love,
Michelle Mitchell