Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Gifts

We found out this afternoon that we have an early appointment on Thursday with the pulmonologist who will review Caleb's tests with us and make a final determination regarding surgery. We're praying for wisdom and, if everything seems good, quick action and a trip home. The earliest surgery we can hope for seems to be Friday.

Thank you for the many expressions of love and concern. Thank you especially for your prayers. All good gifts come from God.

We're very blessed to be staying in the Ronald McDonald House--another gift. It often takes days or weeks to get in; we got in the day we arrived. We've met a couple of families and find everyone here to be rooting for each other and for one another's kids. There are many sad stories, many heartwarming. We had dinner in the community room tonight, enjoying a meal brought in by one of the local grocery stores. The Mayo Clinic itself is a fascinating small city worthy of its own blogpost. But we're tired and the alarm will go off early, so I'll close out here.

Love and hugs.

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Bender said...

Tell Caleb I miss his bright smile and witty comments on life. Hold each other tight through this holiday season. Your family is in my prayers.

Shannon Bender