Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Better Late Than Never

It's Wednesday morning, and I'm just now able to write of Tuesday because the lodge computer was having difficulties last night. It's another beautiful day . . . it seems each one is more precious than the previous, but that's because we continue to meet many amazing people.
Yesterday Brian, Jerry, Adrian, and I arose early to go with Edmore on a ride through the park. We were off just after sunrise around 5:30. Along the way we saw in the wild our giraffe friends from Monday, zebra, eland, sable, warthog, reedbuck, rhino, and elephants. We stopped for tea and shortbread that Edmore had brought with us before heading off to find the cape buffalo and the infamous Zoe. Zoe is Shona for elephant, and indeed they named this elephant "elephant" because they are trying to convince her she is truly an elephant and not one of the cape buffalo she's been living with for 34 years. She is the leader of the cape buffalo herd and has an heroic past which I think I must share later since this office is busy this morning, and I am graciously being allowed to intrude.
After the ride, we met Godwin and others in Wedza for the trip to Zana school where Adrian and Brian spoke to the students and the church that meets there. We visited with one of the teachers, a man named Witness, whom we met last year and with whom we've contracted for a Shona translation of World Bible School. Paula and I had a spontaneous interlude with the women. We asked them to share their stories with us of how God has answered their prayers and encouraged them to pray together when they meet and to continue to share their stories of God's faithfulness with one another.
From Zana we went back to Mukondwa school, to the new feeding center there. We snapped photos of the sweet children getting one of their three meals a week that the center provides. As this work is established and well-managed, the feedings may increase.
We drove to Wedza high school where we spent but a few minutes. Some students sang for us--what beautiful, soulful voices! Brian told a modern-day story about a father and son. When he concluded by saying this is the story of Jesus, the students made the connection immediately--even before Brian could make the analogies--and they broke into spontaneous applause!
We also returned to the hut church at Maruta. Fifty-five of us crowded into the hut we'd visited the day before--a structure perhaps 20 feet in diameter. It was very warm, but the fellowship was sweet. They gave us gifts of handmade pottery and needlework. And I'm pretty certain I managed to gracefully remove the roaches that crawled onto me. :)
At last we met with the Wedza church that meets in the home of a preacher named Farai. Farai is supported by the 29th & Yale church in Tulsa where I attended as a teenager. We had sweet fellowship there as well and after Adrian's message, many came asking for us to pray that God would heal them.
We came home weary and worn, but were refreshed by showers and a good meal. Though we took snacks along for our lunch, we gave most of it away, save for perhaps a miniature box of raisins or a small granola bar each. At Imire we met a group of four that are here from South Africa and London, including the director of an organization called ZimKids that also feeds orphans in the name of Jesus. I've visited their website before.
Must close and join the others for breakfast. This morning we leave Imire and head to Dorowa, Rusape, Marandara, and back to Harare. Please keep praying for us. We are grateful to God for his many mercies--we have been safe and well-treated at all times. Love you all!

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