Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Cried Good Tears Today

Today we scattered, Brian searching for fuel and running errands with Washington; Jerry, Lynn, and Adrian golfing with Chris DosSantos, Paula and I going to the World Bible School offices with Alice. There we met several who were arriving for the seminar. We three walked to a cafe to lunch with Si who will be coming on as Alice's assistant. I use the term "lunch" loosely: I had a scone and tea. The cafe had no jam for the scone which was actually only a biscuit dusted with flour. :)
A student minister at the Avondale church walked Paula and me to an outdoor market so we could buy chitenges--traditional hand painted fabric to wrap around our skirts and sit upon to protect them from the dust and dirt when we visit the rural areas beginning Saturday. We paid $5 million for the three pieces we bought. Washington says my husband will not let me come to Zimbabwe again if I'm going to spend money like that. Of course, that only amounted to about $15 US. The ladies selling them said if we purchased more than one, they'd make us a deal. In typical Paula fashion, she insisted we not barter, for whatever we paid would be helping those sweet women. I want to be Paula when I grow up.
The seminar began tonight with introductions all around--from those who came in from Dorowa, Mutare, Bulawayo (sp?), Murewa, and many other locations. Brian and Jerry spoke brief messages--only a taste of the sessions to come tomorrow and Saturday.
I cried as I sat there listening to Peter Madondo, whom I met last year, translating as passionately as Brian can speak. We praise God Peter was able to answer our request to translate, for he is sharp and quick and very accurate. I cried because the message of focusing only on Jesus is the message of hope for these people I have come to love with so much affection. I cried because Timothy and Dorcus and Campion were there. I cried because we were introduced to two very young men who were World Bible School students and are now pillars of their church and great evangelists.
Afterward we all shared a traditional meal, eating with our hands a plateful of sadza, greens, gravy, and a funny smelling piece of meat that was only explained to me as, "something inside the cow." Most of you will not be surprised to learn Brian skipped the greens.
Washington, Adrian, and I will venture to the airport around 5:30 tomorrow morning, hoping to find our luggage arriving on the morning flight from London. All of our seminar materials are in one of those suitcases. With God's blessing, we'll be at the church with them by the time the first session begins. And if not, then we'll trust that we don't need them first thing.
We love and miss you all. We continue to be in good health and spirits. Thank you for your prayers.

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Bob Guillo said...

What a blessing you are! Your words give eyes to what God is doing with the brothers & sisters in Zimbabwe. I pray for you and the team daily that our Father uses you guys to pierce hearts, and help these leaders discard the ways of man for a truer likeness of Jesus for the sake of the Gospel.
I miss you...and long for your return. Be safe.Tell everyone hi.

Love always,