Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Here and Healthy

After two days and nights of travel we've made it safely to Zimbabwe, praise God! We left London last night, barrelling above France at 600 miles per hour. Then we cut across the tip of Sardinia, glanced off Tunisia, and plunged south through Lybia and the Sahara, straight down the middle of the continent.
Unfortunately, several pieces of our luggage are apparently stranded in London. Our only hope is that they arrive on the next flight into the country on Friday. I'm missing but one piece, and though I can certainly do without the few personal items it contains, I'm disappointed to think that the children's clothing I packed might not make it here. Poor Brian and Adrian who are missing all their luggage, including the handouts for the seminar this weekend. Please pray those bags arrive.
We rested today after our morning arrival though we're all ready for bed again. Met with the church in Harare tonight where Brian spoke and we got to see Assan and several others who've come from Dorowa. It is a great delight to be here again, to hug these precious people and rejoice in our common faith.
I find myself still fascinated by this place, by the women walking with tall baskets on their heads and babies tied to their backs. The purple jacaranda trees are in full bloom as are the myriad other brightly colored flowers and bushes. The white-frocked apostolics walk the roadside, their light clothing a blessing for them and us as we drive past on the dark, narrow streets.
Alice and I enjoyed a girl visit, riding to and from the church alone while the others piled into Alvaro's loaner--an ancient Land Rover--risking Brian's driving as he steered
British-style from the right side of the vehicle down the opposite side of the road. :) I admire Alice tremendously--her wit and intelligence, her compassion, and her godly gentleness.
Tomorrow we prepare for the seminar--doing what, I don't know. I'll just follow orders. Most likely preparing food and helping people settle in on borrowed mattresses. The seminar will be introduced in the evening and then we'll share a meal. The sessions will begin on Friday morning.
Everyone on the team is well and enjoying one another's company. Keep praying for us! We miss you.

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Kyle Wade said...

I love reading your blog Caron. Thanks for keeping us up to date was we pray for you guys. If you need anything done here please let me know.

I did see Bob at church last night with a young man he must be studying with but I didn't get to talk to him. He looked well!

Love you guys and know that we are with you!