Friday, September 22, 2006

Back in Harare

Just a quick note to update you that we are in Harare. We'll be here until early tomorrow morning when we fly to Cape Town via Jo'burg. I have only a moment to write, as Lynn, Washington, and I are headed to Chivero Mission to visit orphans and see the new work the church at Avondale and others are starting.

We are well, and glad to be done with the rough travel we've experienced over the past week. But how sweet was the reward at the end of those dusty roads.

Must mention that 8 or 9 students were baptized yesterday from the Commercial College. We also enjoyed watching the distribution of mealy-meal (sadza) to the widows and needy at the Sakubva church. The women danced and ululated to express their joy at receiving this gift from the Southwest church. Some of them really put on a show for us--there was much laughing and hooting to go along.

Met Alvaro's brother, Chris, last night. They joined us at W & A's home. Nice visit; he seems much like Alvaro.

Must go. Much love, Caron


Michelle Mitchell said...

My dear sister,
I have read your notes with joy and yes, a touch of jealousy. :) I can so hear the spirit of God as I read your words. You have touched me in ways you cannot imagine.
God bless you, Lynn, and Paula. May He keep you safe and healthy and bring you home with a renewed spirit.
Love in Him,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us in touch with your journey.
We are praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, my friend,
I have been inspired by your writing; over coffee I sat and read all of your postings this morning. I am so glad that you were able to go on this trip, and I know you have been as much--or more--of a blessing to the people you have met as they have been to you. We miss you here and are anxious to see you again. My love to you and Lynn and Paula,
Angie Johnson