Saturday, September 09, 2006

This is It!

It's almost 11 pm. I have to be at the airport around 6 tomorrow morning, but since I don't know when my next opportunity to post will come along, I thought I'd better do so.

I'm a little keyed up, I think. Just cleaned the bathroom. :) It was either the search for my missing credit card that got me going--which I didn't find, by the way--or the first two episodes of Lost, Season 2 that I watched with my guys.

That said, I really do feel God's peace and presence and am eager to head off on this journey. Thank you for your continued prayers. The Father is responding.

Please pray for the Leveretts. One of their flights tomorrow has been cancelled, so they're going to be delayed getting into DC. While I arrive mid-afternoon, they won't get in until after 11 pm.

But all is well.

Many blessings, Caron

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