Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Settling-in In Zimbabwe

God has been blessing us abundantly, answering so many prayers by making our travel easy. Our flight arrived 10 minutes early in Harare. We were the last flight into the airport last night, so there were only the passengers on our plane who needed visas and to go through customs. Our friend Justin had a long wait last February, but things moved quickly for us.

Because we were bringing many Bibles and World Bible School materials with us to give away, we were concerned about delays. I was waiting in line for my visa while Paula and Lynn were paying for their's, when a young airport employee approached me. "Are you Caron?" he asked, pointing to the WBS name badge Paula had made for me.

"Yes," I replied.

"And you are with World Bible School?"

"I am."

He smiled and pointed to his chest. "I am a member of World Bible School!"

I sent him to Paula, knowing she'd want to visit with him. By the time I got my visa, they had our bags, he'd waived us through customs, and Paula had 3 new WBS students--our baggage handlers! Praise God for answering our and your prayers in such a delightful manner.

Alice and Washington, our guides, are a wonderful couple. We slept comfortably in their sprawling, gated home. We bathed in very cool, very shallow baths, but our hair dryers worked, so Paula and I were happy. :) I even got to phone Bob and talk to Caleb, too. This morning we repacked for our trip throughout eastern Zimbabwe, registered at the embassy, and are now at the Avondale church of Christ and World Bible School offices.

We waited for W & A outside the embassy while they ran an errand. We sat across from a park, and I enjoyed snapping a few photos of the flowering vines and beautiful people. Since we've been at the church, the Leveretts have been reunited with a number of old friends--even as I am making new ones. Timothy--the young man many of us prayed for and helped travel to South Africa for heart surgery a few years ago--is here now, visiting with them. He is doing so well. His mother also stopped by, as has Si, a woman who helped start churches near Wedza. It is a good day.

Tomorrow we head to Wedza (Hwedza) via the Rukweza feeding center in Rusape. At least that's what Alice tells me. :) She knows everything.

I feel so blessed and am fascinated by everything, making lots of journal entries, and enjoying meeting the good people of this country.

Love you all! I will post as I can.


Michelle Mitchell said...

Thank you, Jesus, for protecting my family as they traveled to visit others in my family.

Praise be to God for your safe trip and the wondrous things you have already experienced. How wonderful that He has already opened many doors and hearts to your teaching.

I am praying for you, and look forward to reading your notes. I am especially eager for your return and the chance to hear more stories. :)

God bless you with peace, health and safety.

Love in Him,
Michelle Mitchell

Anonymous said...

I thank God for all the openings He has already made for you and the peace that is coming through your writings.

It is so exciting to have you in the same time zone so I don't have to count on my fingers the hour difference!

My prayers will continue to be raised to the Father.
Love, Diana

Connie Monsees said...

Ahh, you are in Africa! Just as the Lord led! What a blessing! What an incredible adventure.

May you have the eyes of our Savior, Caron. May you know His love for the people. May He be revealed to you in ways you never imagined!

You continue to be in my prayers.
I love you, my friend!