Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well, I made it to DC safe and sound--except for two broken fingernails. That, I can handle. My luggage is HEAVY, filled as it is with World Bible School materials, Bibles, etc. Wrestling both pieces off the carousel and loading them onto a $3.00 cart no doubt provided comic relief for passersby. That $3.00 was worth every penny. Frankly, I thanked the Lord my baggage made it: Continental, Houston, and my suitcases have had issues. Remember that final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark--the one where the ark disappears in a cavernous warehouse? Kind of like that.

There's nothing but closed office buildings, trees, and a lone Burger King outside the hotel. Fortunately, I'm fine with a cheeseburger and fries. Now I'm just relaxing, waiting for the Leveretts, and already missing my family. Exciting, huh?

Keep those prayers going!

:) Caron


donna fleisher said...

Have a wonderful time, soak it all in like a sponge, and don't worry if you get squeezed and some of you drips out. ; ) What drips out will be Christ Himself, flowing through you.

love ya!

Carla said...

I've thought about you several times today. So glad you are resting. I'll keep y'all in my prayers. Love you, carla

Alice said...

Glad you've completed the first hop on your trip. Get a good night sleep and enjoy the loooooong flight to South Africa.

The Nashes said...

We just spent an awesome weekend with Nicole. We are so excited to have her in our Trek group this year!
We are constantly praying for your journey. We are anxious to hear your heart in your writings.
Love you!
Tammy and Justin