Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In Johannesburg

Praise God we've completed the longest leg of our journey--the almost 18 hours from DC to Johannesburg, South Africa. We had a great flight. The Lord was kind to us as it turns out the flight was not full and we each had an empty seat beside us to allow us to lay down for some rest. We don't know yet if our luggage made it since it is checked all the way to Harare, but we have every reason to suspect it is at least here in South Africa with us.

We are at the home of Al & Donna Horn, African missionaries for nearly fifty years. Al is a native South African. They graciously picked us up from the airport and have provided lunch and lively conversation during our seven hour layover. We will return to the airport soon for our flight into Zimbabwe.

Our plane circled Dakar, Senegal for nearly 45 minutes last night before we could land to refuel. The problem? According to the pilot there were three: Dakar airport has no radar, there was a bit of a "traffic jam," and there was a "comedy of errors" on the ground. We were very thankful for your prayers! Another interesting note: in DC and in Dakar, the cabin of the airplane was "sprayed." Yes, sprayed with a strong smelling aerosol as required by the World Health Organization. Pesticides. No kidding.

I have to admit the computer screen seems to be swaying. We're pretty worn out and have been moving for so long I have that roadtrip syndrom--I feel like I'm still moving. One more 2-hour flight to go!

We love you all. Hugs to our families. More later as we get email access.

God is hearing your prayers and surrounding us with your love and His!


Alice said...

I'm curious. What was the cabin sprayed for--roaches, spiders, or something indigenous to Africa like big, big snakes? Glad you're on the African continent. I look forward to hearing your reports. God bless.


Brian Mashburn said...

I know Al Horne from my youth in Houston at the Memorial CofC growing up. We were a supporting church for him.

He set me up with a penpal in africa name Amanda Fearon when I was in elementary school.