Sunday, September 03, 2006

Prayer Requests

Paula, Lynn, and I met with the shepherds of the Southwest church today at their request so that they could pray for our upcoming journey. What a blessing to be under the loving, supportive oversight of these passionate, godly, prayerful disciples.

I thought you might want to know some of the specific prayer requests that the Leveretts and I shared to help guide your prayers as well.

Paula asks that God ease her back pain during our travels and that the Lord be with Alice, our guide, who has high blood pressure. The trip will be very rigorous. She also asks that God will allow us to accomplish what we need to in our short time there and that we will trust him when unexpected things come up.

Lynn asks that we be granted wisdom in every situation so that we might meet the needs of the people and build up the body of Christ. It breaks his heart to have to walk away knowing people are still suffering.

I ask that I might not be undone by what I see, and that God will give me a holy gift to write the stories he would have me tell on behalf of the Zimbabwean people.

Please pray for our families, too. We are so thankful for their love. I am humbled and grateful that Bob and my children are so supportive of this endeavor. Praise God.

Mark and Flora Swartz, of Cape Town and the Vinyard inner city mission, were at Southwest today. We were blessed and excited to hear of that effective incarnational work. God is doing amazing things there. We enjoyed lunch with the Swartzes—I fell in love with Flora—and we look forward to staying with them in their home later this month, Lord willing.

The journey begins in one week.


dewayne trimble said...

What an awesome sister of faith. It is faith like yours that makes me want to do more. I think it is okay to cry. I know I would. My mom always told me that I have a sensitive heart and I can feel the hurt in others along with the happy times as well. I thank God for the example of great faith that shines forth from both you and Bob. I long to travel to Africa to see my brothers and sisters and share my faith with them and I know that one day God will send me when He says that I am ready. Until then, I long to hear of the travels of others when they return. You and the Leveretts will be in my daily prayer time. I pray for God's strength to empower you to do great things while in Africa.


Michelle Mitchell said...

Dear Friend,

I know that God will use you and the Leveretts in mighty ways. It is He who touches hearts, heals wounds, and makes the impossible happen.
May He bless you with peace, health, and eyes to see what He sees.
Much love,

Melanie Morales said...


You are in my prayers... I'm trying to catch up on blog reading as I can and have caught up with yours today.

Your prayer requests here are honored in my prayers today.