Tuesday, September 12, 2006

En Route

Hey Guys, Caron has asked if I would post to her blog since she did not have internet access before she left.

Lynn and Paula arrived in Washington around mid-night on the 10th after visiting family in Abilene and Dallas. They rendezvoued with Caron at breakfast before heading to the airport.

The plane took off on time and was not very full according to Caron. She called me from the plane and was excited that the seat next to her was empty. I guess if I was flying for 20+ hours I would be excited about the seat being empty too. They should land in Johannesburg for re-fueling and a 7 hour layover before heading on to Zimbabwe. They should arrive around 9 P.M. local time in Harare. Please pray that they will get through customs fairly quickly. Last February Justin Nash was in line for 4 hours just to get his entry visa.

I'm not as good at blogging as Caron; she asked if I would share this information since she didn't have internet access before leaving to the airport yesterday. I'll try to keep the news flowing as I hear what's going on.

May God bless you, and your's.



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